Wedding DJ vs. Live Band

Wedding DJ

In case you are confused between a live band and wedding DJ for your wedding, we are here to help. We have covered multiple factors to let you decide which one is better for a wedding celebration.

  Wedding DJ Live Band
Flexibility Can easily address the different needs of wedding celebrations. It’s difficult for band to cover all the events, like reception, ceremony, and cocktail hour, due to complicated setup
Variety No shortage of variety. From classics to the latest chartbusters, a DJ can play it all. Variety is limited. Most bands have a repetitive set of songs for every celebration.
Additional services LED dance floors, dancing on the clouds effect, bubble machine, intelligent lighting, etc. Rarely offers additional services.
Breaks Non-stop music without breaks A band takes a few breaks during the span of a reception
Audience engagement High-engagement level through interaction and high-energy music Band demands the attention of the attendees. Engagement is comparatively less.
Volume level Ability to adjust the sound level as per the mood and preference of the guests. The control over volume is limited.
Cost Economical Costlier than a DJ

All these parameters show how a DJ can give you a bang for the buck during wedding celebrations.

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