Nine ways to make your wedding reception extraordinary

To make a wedding truly unforgettable, incorporate special effects that will add a touch of magic and enhance the atmosphere. Here are several ideas on how to make your wedding reception extraordinary:

Quick and exciting options:

  1. Fireworks: Organize a fireworks display during the reception. Fireworks can create a mesmerizing and romantic ambiance, especially during the first dance or as a grand finale. Our faux cold spark fountains look like fireworks but aren’t. Cold spark fountain rental These machines spray a column of white “flares” that can add awe to your kiss at the end of your wedding ceremony. They can flank the doorway at your “grand” entrance to the reception. Consider this effect as you enjoy your “first” dance as a married couple or even as part of your finale.
  2. Dancing on a Cloud: Use a dry ice machine to create a dreamy atmosphere for your entrance or during the ceremony. This effect can add a touch of elegance and drama.
  3. Vertical Fog Geysers: This effect comes from a pair of machines that emit a vertical plume of “fog” that’s illuminated white, blue, red, or your choice of color.  This is a really interesting alternative to cold spark fountains and ideal for your first dance.
  4. Confetti or Streamer launch: We’ll release confetti or streamers during a key moment such as your first kiss, entrance to the reception, or during the grand exit. This adds a lively and celebratory element to the event.
  5. Special Dance Choreography can be learned and practiced for your big day, making a special moment all that more exciting.
  6. Bubble machine: This is ideal during an outdoor ceremony as well as during a couple’s first dance.  How romantic.

Impact your whole wedding reception with these ideas:

  1. Interactive photo collage: Your guests will be taking pictures with their phones before and during your wedding day.  Guests can connect their phone to our photo screen, allowing them to upload, download or even “write” a well wish comment to you.  This is a great alternative to a photo booth. This takes less space and the photos your guests share, can have been from anywhere, not just from in front of a backdrop.
  2. Lighting Effects: Use special lighting effects, such as uplighting (chose from four types: static, motion, triple beam or wall wash). Consider gobos (shape “stencils” put into light fixtures for the light to pass thru to project snowflakes, stars, swirls, flowers, etc onto the floor, ceiling or walls). Another great option are color wash fixtures, to transform the venue’s ambiance. These effects can enhance the mood and create stunning backdrops for photographs.
  3. Interactive Dance floor: Consider the wow factor that your guests will experience when they walk in to the Interactive dance floorreception to see your custom monogram displayed from inside the dance floor.  The marvel continues when the dance floor imagery changes and even becomes responsive to their step.  Our interactive video LED dance floor has over 150 motion graphics pre-installed. They include colorful and monochrome visuals that change slowly and others designed for more vibrant and energetic moments.  We control the dance floor as the event progresses and the energy changes throughout.

Check with your venue to ensure that these special effects are permitted and can be safely incorporated into your wedding. Any one of these options will make your wedding reception different than all the others. Planning your wedding in or near Tampa, FL? (For extraordinary events, we sometimes travel long distances.) Get more info here: