Video Projector

Large video projector

(1 short throw and 2 matching medium throw models) Each put out around 2400 lumens. Good for 5 to 200 guests. VGA, s-video, composite or HDMI connections.

1st day rental: $70
Collateral: $700
Number Available: 3

Video Screen

Photo Montage Enhancement Package

(7’3” long outside case length) designed for 4:3 ratio image but can be used with other ratios. Features: Light weight, easy up, includes integral black area below screen, can stand on the floor or on a banquet table.

1st day rental: $30
Collateral: $300
Number Available: 1


Audio Mixing Boards


Alesis MultiMix16 USB or Behringer Eurorack MX2004

Behringer mixer has dual balanced XLR outputs.  Alesis has balanced 1/4" outputs.

1st day rental: $20
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 1 each

Battery-powered Public Address speakers

PA speaker rental

Anchor Liberty 4500 with stand (optional wireless handheld microphone + $20) 2 XLR inputs, one ¼” input, one ¼” output.

1st day rental: $50
(+$20 for wireless handheld mic)
Collateral: $700
Number Available: 2

500 Watt Speaker

Rental speaker on tripod stand

Edison Professional full range self-powered 500 watt speaker with 15" main driver, dual RCA input jacks, XLR and 1/4" input jacks, tonal controls, BlueTooth, MP3 player and FM radio built in.  Includes tripod.

1st day rental: $45
Collateral: $400
Number Available: 2

***I also have two different levels of higher-quality EV pro speakers available in certain situations.  Delivery, installation and tech-on-site is required for the highest level of sound quality.

Subwoofer Speaker

self powered speaker

Electro Voice sbA760 watt RMS self-powered Subwoofer (dimensions: 24.5” x 17” x 22”) XLR or ¼” inputs, XLR outputs. Weighs ~75 lbs.

1st day rental: $60
Collateral: $1,000
Number Available: 1

Wireless Mics

Line 6 digital mic (handheld or lapel)

Lapel clip on or handheld microphones: (4 to choose from: Nady handheld mic on frequency: 185.15Hz; Audio Technica wireless lapel mic on frequency 792MHz; Line 6 digital lapel microphone OR handheld microphone).

1st day rental: $35
Collateral: $500
Number Available: 4


Fog Machine Rental

Hurricane Fog Machine

A high power (20,000 cu.ft/min) machine fills a room in seconds.  Comes with a wired remote control that has instant button as well as a timer setting.

1st day rental:
Collateral: $350 high
Number Available: 1

Bubble Machine

bubble machine

Bubble machine: use outdoors or indoors.  Note that special liquid soap is provided with the rental but because soap is used to make bubbles, indoor use should be moderated and caution used to prevent creating a slippery surface liability.

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $100
Number available: 1

Black Lights

Black Light

Black lights (dual 4 foot 80 watt UV light tubes within a single fixture which is set up to mount horizontally onto a tripod) for a glow party effect.  Use paint and materials that are phosphorescent and turn out as many other lights as possible to see things glow.  Tripod stands are available as well.  See below.

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $80
Number available: 4

Strobe Lights

Black Lights

Strobe light: 200 watt strobes are available but must be controlled with a DMX controller (see below).

1st day rental: $20
Collateral: $150
Number Available: 2


This is a colorful sound reactive scanner.  It moves from side to side according to sound, based on a sensitivity dial on the back.  Note that this fixture's mirror motor makes noise that can be heard in a quieter environment.

1st day rental: $20
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 1

Digital LED Par Cans

Digital LED par cans (can be used for uplighting) (can be set to a color, strobe, flash (sound reactive), fade and can also be DMX controlled)

1st day rental: $30
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 18

Battery Uplights

Digital LED battery-powered uplights (without a DMX controller they only fade through colors) (DMX controller can control Red/Green/Blue and then the fixtures can be disconnected but retain the setting until turned off.) (DMX controller listed below.)

1st day rental: $30
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 6