Welcome to Rhythm System – Your Trusted Source for Audio, Video, Effects, Decor and Lighting Equipment Rentals in Tampa Bay, FL area.  Please note that all rentals can be picked up and returned by appointment at 2805 Springdell Cir, Valrico, FL 33596.  Because I don’t have a storefront with “open” hours and someone to handle walk-ins, there is a $75 minimum for each order.  The rates below are discounted for cash/check/mo payments.  Payments by Paypal, CC or debit card are 3% higher.


Rent a Video Projector:

Epson EpiqVision LS300 Smart Streaming Laser Video Projector

Epson laser projector

Ultra Short throw projector that is placed only a few inches/feet in front of the screen and projects up at a steep angle, reducing the space between the projector and screen; 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 3,600 lumens, 1920×1080, built in speakers that may be adequate for small groups.

1st day rental: $170
Collateral: $1,700
Number Available: 1

Epson and Panasonic Projectors

Large video projector

(1 ultra short throw and 2 matching medium throw models) Each put out around 2400 lumens. Good for 5 to 100 guests. VGA, s-video, composite or HDMI connections.

1st day rental: $70
Collateral: $700
Number Available: 3

8′ Diagonal Video Projection Screen

Video projection screen rental

(7’3″ long outside case length) designed for 4:3 ratio image but can be used with other ratios. Features: Light weight, easy up, includes integral black area below screen, can stand on the floor or on a banquet table. Front projection only.

1st day rental: $30
Collateral: $300
Number Available: 1

13′ Diagonal Video Projector Screen Rental

A pipe & drape type construction builds this 10′ x 10′ video screen that can be raised to a ceiling height of 14′ (leaving a 4′ space below the white 10′ x 10′ material). Front projection only.
1st day rental: $80
Collateral: $700
Number Available: 1

Audio Equipment Rentals:

Behringer Eurorack MX2004 Audio Mixer Rental

Vertical Fog Geyser rental

Behringer 20 channel mixer offers 8 mic/instrument inputs, 4 stereo inputs, dual balanced XLR outputs. 

1st day rental: $20
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 1

Line6 Digital lapel or handheld wireless microphones / Wired Mic

DJ Equipment Rental - Wireless Mics

Lapel clip on or handheld microphones.  Digital means no frequency scanning expertise is needed to operate these.  Add a mic stand for $5.  A wired microphone is $5.  Add a feedback suppressor for $10.

1st day wireless mic rental: $35 ea
Collateral: $500 ea
Number Available: 2

Full-Range Self-Powered (“Active”) Speaker Rentals:

500 Watt Edison Prosumer Speaker

DJ Equipment Rental - Rental Speaker On Tripod Stand

These popular full-range speakers include a 15″ main speaker, dual RCA input jacks, XLR and 1/4″ input jacks for mic or instrument, tonal controls, Bluetooth, tonal controls, MP3 player and FM radio built in.  Includes tripod. 

1st day rental: $45 ea
Collateral: $400 ea
Number Available: 2


EV SxA360 Pro Speaker Rental

EV SxA360 professional speaker rental
Sonically, these Electro-Voice speakers are a big improvement over the Edison speakers.  The ports/connections on these, however, are limited to one combo XLR/TRS input, one XLR output. Main driver is a 12″ speaker.  36lb cabinet and the stand is included.  Use in combination with our audio mixer or use your own.  These pro-grade speakers do not offer Bluetooth or RCA inputs.
1st day rental: $65 ea
Collateral: $750 ea
Number Available: 2

JBL EON-One Mk2 Line Array Column Speaker

Column array speaker rental

Run on 110v AC or use the built in battery power (at a slightly reduced max volume), these JBL All-in-One tower speakers include a built in mixer with digital effects, tonal controls, reverb, feedback suppression, 3 XLR inputs, one ¼” input, one 1/8″ input, Bluetooth, 180 degree projection of sound, ideal for meetings and live performers. These are very easy to transport as the tower pieces stow within the back of the bass module.

1st day rental:  $120 ea
Collateral: $1,500 ea
Number Available: 2


EV EKX15P Full Range Professional DJ/band Speaker

High power EV full range speaker
These wooden cabinets include a built-in 1,500 watt amplifier/mixer/DSP with two XLR/TRS inputs, dual RCA inputs, one XLR output, tripod stand included. 134 dB peak SPL.  These do not offer built-in Bluetooth but I do offer a separate Bluetooth receiver that can be used to connect wirelessly.
1st day rental: $90 ea
Collateral: $1,000 ea
Number Available: 4

 Subwoofer Self-Powered (“Active”) Speaker Rentals:

EV EKX18SP Professional DJ/band Subwoofer Rental

EV EKX18SP Subwoofer rental

Single 18″ speaker cabinet with built in 1,300 watt amp/mixer/DSP that includes two XLR/TRS inputs, one XLR output.  134 dB peak SPL
1st day rental: $120 ea
Collateral: $1,400 ea
Number Available: 4

EV sbA760 Subwoofer Rental

DJ Equipment Rental - Self Powered Speaker

760 watt RMS self-powered Subwoofer (dimensions: 24.5″ x 17″ x 22″) XLR or ¼” inputs, XLR outputs. Weighs ~75 lbs and features wheels. This goes perfectly with the two EV SxA360 speakers above.

1st day rental: $70
Collateral: $950
Number Available: 1


Chauvet Vertical Fog Geyser T6

Use the included wireless remote control to activate this effect.  The buttons on the remote activate the production of this water-based fog and turn on the LEDs in Red, green, blue or white.  (The 4 color options can be programmed to produce a different color if desired). The plum of fog comes out of the top of the unit and disappears in about 5 seconds.  The quick dissipation fluid is significantly less lightly to trigger smoke alarm sensors than a long-lasting effect like the one intended to make light beams 3D (see the Chauvet Hurricane fog machine).

1st day rental: $20 ea
Collateral: $170 ea
Number Available: 2

Chauvet Hurricane 1300 Fog Machine

Chauvet Hurricane 1300 Fog Machine Rental

This high power water-based fog machine (20,000 cu.ft/min) creates an effect that’s perfect for lasers and narrow light beams.  Comes with a wired remote control that has instant button as well as a timer setting.  This can white-out a small room in a few seconds.  The long-lasting fog will hang around for 5+ minutes. Check with the facility to make sure they allow an aerial fog effect before use as it can easily trigger smoke-alarms.  Extra fluid is available for $35/gallon.

1st day rental: $35
Collateral: $350
Number Available: 1

Chauvet Nimbus Dry-Ice (Dancing on the Clouds Effect) Machine Rental

Chauvet Nimbus rental

This machine combines solid CO2 and hot water to produce a stunning effect for dancing on the clouds.  Dry ice is not included within the rental price, nor is the water.  Dry ice can usually be purchased at Publix or Airgas for around $2.25/lb.  Requires at least one dedicated power circuit (a second heating element can be used if plugged into a 2nd receptacle on a different circuit breaker.)  Rent out Yeti cooler, scoop and gloves as well for an additional $30.

1st day rental: $130
Collateral: $1500
Number Available: 1

Bubble Machine Rental

Bubble machine rentalFor use outdoors or indoors.  Note that special liquid soap is provided with the rental but because soap is used to make bubbles, indoor use should be moderated and caution used to prevent creating a slippery surface liability.

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $80
Number available: 1

Ultra Violet UV Black Light Rentals

UV Black Light rentals

Black lights (dual 4 ft 80 watt UV light tubes within a single fixture which is set up to mount horizontally onto a tripod) for a glow party effect.  Use paint and materials that are phosphorescent and turn out as many other lights as possible to see things glow.  These fixtures project the UV light out at around 180 degrees.  For directional UV lighting, 12 of the “Uplights” below also contain UV capabilties.

1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $80 ea
Number available: 4

200 watt Strobe Lights

Strobe light rental

These strobe lights are 200 watts each and only work with a remote DMX controller (see below) to adjust the intensity and flash rates.  Be sure to rent our DMX controller or use your own. Both lights are shown but you can rent just one.

1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 2

Cold Spark Fountains (faux fireworks)

Cold spark fountain rental

This effect machine includes buttons for three different heights for the fountain of cold sparks.  They are called cold sparks because the sparks are cold and as much as I have tested these firing them directly onto my skin, clothing and paper, the sparks haven’t caused any negative effect except what I would call “soot” particles that are easily lost or vacuumed up.

1st day rental: $95
Pouch of powder:
$60 (good for ~20 minutes total use)
Number available: 


This is a colorful sound-reactive scanner.  The projected beams move from side to side according to sound, based on a sensitivity dial on the back.  Note that this fixture’s mirror motor makes noise that can be heard in a quieter environment.  The results from this are best with fog but it’s not required.

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $150
Number Available: 1

Bonfire Projector

This is a projector with a 250 watt bulb that works well from around 8 to 15 feet away from the surface onto which it is aimed.  It looks fairly realistic.

Better without Fog!
1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $150
Number Available: 1

Compact Battery-Powered Uplights

Digital LED battery-powered uplights (without a DMX controller they only fade through colors) (DMX controller can control Red/Green/Blue color mixing and then the fixtures can be disconnected from the controller.  They will retain the setting until turned off.) (DMX controller listed below.)

1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $200 ea
Number Available: 6

Battery-powered Uplights with 9 LEDs 

These are LED par cans that can be used for uplighting or wash lights (can be set to a color, strobe, flash (sound reactive), fade and can also be DMX-controlled.  Although they look the same, 12 of the 30 fixtures also offer UV black lighting, amber and true white LEDs.  Color mixing using the least amount of LEDs to accomplish the color you want will increase the time they will remain lit on battery power.  They can operate using a regular AC power receptacle as well.  These usually last 5 to 6 hours on full intensity.  Because they have 9 LEDs, the projected light is rich in color, especially compared to smaller or less powerful fixtures, such as the other uplights offered here.

1st day rental: $25 ea
Collateral: $200 ea
Number Available: 30

Disco Mirror Ball Package

DJ Equipment Rental - Disco Ball Package

Disco/mirror ball package with motor, 2 spot lights and a tripod with t-bar (not pictured here), 12″ or 20″ mirror ball. Can be used with or without fog.

1st day rental: $40
Collateral: $280
Number Available: 1 set with 12″ ball and 1 set with 20″ ball

Pin Spots spotlight rental

pin spot in fog

110v AC-powered pin spot light (not a follow spot) (typically mounted and aimed at a mirror ball, cake or floral arrangement)

1st day rental: $5
Collateral: $30
Number Available: 4

Chauvet DJ COLORstrip 38-inch RGB LED Bar

Available separately, each fixture can be set to a single color or to one of several built-in programs that create visual patterns triggered by a built in mic (adjustable via the rear dial) or they can be controlled remotely by a DMX controller. (use yours or rent ours). Link them together to synchronize them.  This video shows what 4 in a line can look like mounted on a long horizontal bar.  The video also shows 6 mounted to a truss.

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $175
Number Available: 6

Traditional Par Can 48 Lighting

par can light

Par 48 can with 90 watt halogen flood bulb and your choice of a colored gel.  Comes with an O-clamp to mount onto a lighting stand.  Bundle 4 to 8 fixtures on a lighting stand with a sequencer/dimmer pack that can be DMX controlled (see DMX controller below).  Unlike LED light fixtures, these do get HOT… And they draw significantly more power than an LED fixture.  LED fixtures also offer much more functionality because you can change their color while they are on.  These traditional Par Can lights have fallen out of favor for those reasons but they still have their charm and purpose.  Install a different color gel into each fixture’s frame and then use a DMX dimmer to control the intensity and sequence of illumination.

1st day rental: $5
Collateral: $60
Number Available:16

Fire Box faux flame light rental

Firebox (simulated flame) for decorative purposes. This fixture is approximately 9 x 9 x 6 inches.

1st day rental: $10 ea
Collateral: $100 ea
Number Available: 2

Shimmery Water effect projector

Better without Fog!
1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 2


This fixture is a little bit heavier than others.  Has a 250 watt bulb. Use with or without fog

1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $200
Number Available: 1

Raptor / Fascinator

These fixtures are a little bit heavier than others.  250 watt bulb and hundreds of beams. Use with or without fog but with fog is significantly better.

1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $200 ea
Number Available: 2

Spectrum LED

Better with Fog and in multiples, linked together! 
1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 8

Derby-X LED


Better with Fog! 
1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 2

Intelligent Light Show

The rental package is a little bit different than shown in that it comes with 2 lighting tripods and T-bars onto which you would hang the fixtures, two per stand. The package includes 4 Martin 812 moving mirror lighting fixtures, 2 tripods with T-bars, controller, cables.  The controller includes buttons to select the pre-built programs as well as a black-out button to close the apertures on all the fixtures. Better with Fog!

1st day rental: $150 per set
Collateral: $900 per set
Number Available: 2 sets



Lasers (hundreds of red and green beams)… 7 settings, some of which are sound reactive.  Works best with fog!

1st day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 2

Hemisphere Centerpiece Light

This fixture is best used on a flat surface such as the floor or on a table. Use with or without fog
1st day rental: $15
Collateral: $150
Number Available: 1

Lighting tripod stand with or without T-bar

lighting speaker with tripod

These aluminum stands can be raised to around 9 feet.  Need heavier-duty stands? I also have one pair of steel stands that can be hand cranked up to 13 feet.

First day rental: $15 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 4 

Chauvet Obey-10 DMX Controller

DJ Equipment Rental - DMX Controller

Use this to control various lighting fixtures or effects devices that use DMX protocol.  This sends output to a single universe and can control channels 1 thru 128. 

First day rental: $10 ea
Collateral: $100 ea
Number Available: 2

Interactive LED Dance Floor Rental

Many sizes are available and our full service includes delivery, installation, operation and removal.  We do all the work, you have all the fun! Get details by clicking HERE, or call 717-540-8826 for immediate service.

Gobo Projector Rentals

Gobo projectorRent a gobo projector

AC or battery-powered, these fixtures have a magnetic mount and thus can be stuck to vents and even in some cases, other light fixtures, or, with a clamp or scissor clamp, mounting to a tripod or drop ceiling grid is easy.  Without a gobo (shape disc), these can also be used as a spot light.  With a gobo, project a name or pattern/design onto a wall, curtain, table, ceiling or floor.  On a freshly charged battery, these last around 4.5 to 5 hours. The battery powered gobo projectors aren’t as bright as gobo projectors we offer that run only on 110v, which we offer for monograms or whatever you imagine… and those can continuously rotate, if desired.  The gobo disc can be selected from in stock options or custom gobo discs can be ordered for around $12 to $70, depending on some variables… We can help you with that.  Gobos already owned are available at no extra charge.  

First day rental: $25
Number Available: 

Decor Rentals:

Glowing Columns

Glowing columns

4 sizes available, 4.5 feet, 6 feet, 7.5 feet, and 10.5 feet. Made of cloth and lit from the inside with colors to match your decor. 

First Day rental: $40 ea
Collateral: $150 ea
Number Available: 8

Roman Columns

Roman Columns

8 foot roman columns are lightweight and add an elegant touch to your decor.

First Day rental: $70 pair
Collateral: $350
Number available: 1 pair


Giant LOVE Letters with glowing hearts

Can be arranged in width from 8′ to 12′ by putting the letters together or spreading them apart.  They are each connected by a single wire.  The “L” plugs in to a receptacle (110v) and a remote control turns them on/off and selects a particular color, fade or sound reactive.
First Day rental: $90
Collateral: $350
Number available: 1 set


Silver sequin curtain backdrop rentalShear backdrop rental

Silver sequin curtain can be 8 to 28 feet across, 10 feet tall.  The shear curtain can be 8 to 20 feet across, 14 feet tall.  Combine both for 42 feet across, 10 feet high.

1st day rental: $150 per type
Collateral: $600 per type
Number available: 1 ea