Interactive LED Dance Floor Rental Tampa, FL

Take your event to the next level with our cutting-edge interactive LED dance floor. Our dance floor adds a fun centerpiece to any event, regardless of whether or not we are providing the musical entertainment.  This LED dance floor is interactive, meaning that when your guests step on it, it reacts to them.  There are several effects which can occur when the guests step on it, which we turn on and off, and can layer with motion graphics to make hundreds of combinations of effects.  It sparkles slow, sparkles fast, blinks, sweeps, spins lights in different colors, acts like a disco floor and more.  We can display custom graphics on it, such as a monogram, logo or photo, videos, pictures and text.  Take a look at the video and you’ll see the many features as it lights up under their feet.  

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This portable dance floor can be installed on carpet, over wood, concrete, pavers, asphalt, grass and sand.  We do need a hard surface under the electric dance floor so if your desired location is soft (sand or grass), we do require a subfloor be installed and yes, we do offer that too… perfectly sized for the dance floor that’s perfect for your group.  

We offer many sizes from 8.2′ x 8.2′ (a small floor best for micro events) up to 16.4′ x 16.4′ (perfect for most events with up to 175+ guests).  Not all guests are ever expected to be on the floor simultaneously so if you have a larger guest list, leave space near our centerpiece light up floor for an overflow of guests.  (We’ve done college dances with over 1,100 guests.)  This interactive dance floor is just under 3″ thick and surrounded by a steep angled edge – to hide our wires and make it more attractive.  The steep edge design is intended to avoid guest’s twisting an ankle as might happen on a slanted ramp.

Look Ma, no mirrors!

Although an “Infinity” floor is beautiful, it’s designed with mirrors under your feet. Many ladies wearing skirts or short dresses won’t dare go on those floors.  Our floor has no mirrors and it’s a textured surface so even if someone drips sweat or accidentally spills a drink, out floor doesn’t because slippery like the LED floors with a glossy surface.

Location, Location, Location

We provide this touch-sensitive dance floor at events all over the eastern half of the USA.  We’ve taken it to Boston, Virginia Beach, Miami, Greenville, Harrisburg and Tampa, Florida.  We are full service… Our dance floor rental comes with delivery, installation, operation, cleanup and removal of all the equipment, including our table, control equipment, wiring and even a subfloor, if we need it.  All that we need is an open space, smooth surface and electricity… Actually, we can even supply the power, if needed.

NEW IN 2024: We now offer a basic “drop and install” service that features one interactive function of the floor.  Once we turn on the dance floor, the whole dance floor fades through a rainbow of colors and responds where people step on it by changing the four pixels’ color around people’s feet.  We come back at the end of the event to clean and remove the floor.  This service is offered as a more budget-friendly option as we don’t stay during your event and we don’t even set up the complex wiring system that would allow the floor to do all those other fancy effects.  It’s a huge upgrade from a wooden or vinyl floor at only a slightly higher cost.  (Note that this option isn’t available at all venues.  Let’s connect to see if this basic option or the full service option are best for your event.)

We offer only one of these floors so once we book a date for DJ/MC services or this dance floor, it is no longer available… We offer combo packages with lighting, special effects, video projections, decor, MC/DJ entertainment for weddings, quinceaneras, sweet 16 parties, corporate events and private parties.  Call or inquire today to get a quote for your event.  717-540-8826

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