Premium Wedding DJ Services

DJ Matt Saltzer will provide a wedding day experience you will cherish, guaranteed!*

*He will work tirelessly to craft your dream wedding day experience assuring that every detail you specify within his unique planning process, is included. You will rest assured knowing that your entertainer has over 32 years of experience from over 1,000 events.  Together, you will craft a personalized plan detailing over 50 aspects of your entertainment, including itinerary, music styles, activities, specific songs and more.  Matt makes a conscience effort to ensure that every guest enjoys crisp, clear audio that is not too loud no matter where they are located within the room.  Matt offers to teach and lead choreographed dances, providing everyone with plenty of opportunities to participate in the fun too, no matter their taste in music.  His polished skills as a master of ceremonies will ensure that everyone and everything that is needed for an upcoming activity is in place prior to any announcements… This avoids any dead air awaiting people and things such as cake-cutting utensils. His “Premium Package” also includes his personal dedication to only your event on your wedding date… no double booking and sending someone else, and, he provides you with a 200% money back guarantee.

You may opt to upgrade to the Grand Package to experience a uniquely crafted grand reception entrance, custom music medley and script distribution to your other vendors. He’ll provide you with a hardbound book of over 150 ideas to inspire your planning and creative side.  He typically spends 30 to 50 hours preparing for your wedding day including interviews with your wedding party and parents to further prepare a fun evening for you, your friends and family.  This level of service also includes preparation of a script that is shared with and coordinated with the other professionals on your team.

Matt looks forward to the opportunity to provide an exciting and interactive, yet classy, celebration of your love. Your wedding day is the one time that all of your closest friends and family will be together to support you and congratulate you both on your first day as a married couple. It is Matt’s honor to apply his expertise as an entertainer to help make your day a historic event in your lives.

Wedding DJ Entertainment that's personalized...

Matt has worked with hundreds of couples to plan out their wedding day music and entertainment, their itinerary and experience, and he loves his job. Each couple is unique and therefore their wedding day experience is too. Sure there are similarities but he really enjoys making sure that each wedding day is personalized from the music categories and requested songs to the order of activities, timeline, the introductions, toast, equipment placement and more… There’s a lot to consider and orchestrate for each experience.

Even the adjustments that happen on the fly are based on what he learns during the planning phase, so that each wedding day is just right.  The planned and the spontaneous come together with his years of preparation to craft each vision into a reality.

Matt has provided wedding DJ and party entertainment services since 1989, primarily in and around south central PA until late 2020 when he moved to the Tampa Bay Florida area.

His expertise and passion for creating a FUN reception for you will be clear.  It's all about you and celebrating your wedding!  Hear what a few of his past clients have said about their wedding day experience:


For event entertainment that requires no pre-planning and is booked within two months of the event date, you may also choose the more economical Party Maestro service level.  It is more affordable because it comes with a modest sound system designed for up to ~60 guests and simple itinerary coordination (and thus no need for planning meetings).  This package does not include the written guarantee provided at the Premium and Grand levels.


I would love to chat with you about your plans and explore the possibilities together.  Please call me at 717-540-8826 or click this button for personal assistance:

-Master DJ Matt Saltzer

"Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life."
- Leo Buscaglia

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