Wedding ceremony and reception DJ at the Valencia River Club in Nokomis FL

Jen and Billy's Unforgettable Day

Jen and Billy’s wedding day was nothing short of enchanting. From the moment we began planning their special day, it was clear that they had a vision in mind. Their desire for an interactive video dance floor as the centerpiece set the tone for an incredible celebration. Join us as we relive the memorable moments and extraordinary elements that made Jen and Billy’s wedding day truly magical.


The Perfect Outdoor Ceremony:

As the day unfolded, we provided a battery-powered outdoor ceremony sound system that amplified the heartfelt exchange of vows. To ensure every note was captured, we arranged for an additional stand-mounted microphone for their talented guitarist/singer. The sky hinted at rain, prompting the ceremony to start a few minutes early. Fortunately, the weather held up, allowing the couple to savor their vows and later enjoy cigars at the serene outdoor lounge area.

An Unforgettable Reception at Valencia River Club

The cocktail hour took place in the bar area, setting the stage for an evening of joy and celebration. As guests moved into the ballroom, they were greeted by a reception space perfectly suited to their desires. Our giant LOVE letters and glowing columns, adorned with captivating moving lights, created an enchanting atmosphere. The room provided ample space for everyone to mingle, dance, and create lasting memories.

Curated Music and Surprises:

Jen and Billy’s curated array of music choices set the rhythm for the night. From familiar favorites to unexpected surprises, the dance floor was alive with energy. A particular standout was the inclusion of the Hawaii-Five-O theme song, which made a splash and delighted everyone. Our interactive video dance floor, complemented by spotlights, came alive during their first dance. The addition of the dancing on the cloud effect, with dry-ice fog gracefully swirling around them, added a touch of magic to their special moment.

A Dream Team and Photogenic Venue:

The Venetian River Club provided an idyllic setting for Jen and Billy’s wedding celebration. The staff was exceptional, ensuring every detail was meticulously cared for. The venue’s picturesque beauty lent itself to stunning photographs captured by the talented duo, Meg & Mike. Not only did they preserve each cherished moment, but they also offered a photobooth inside, allowing guests to create their own memories.


Jen and Billy’s wedding day was a dream come true, filled with love, joy, and memorable experiences. From the interactive video dance floor to the captivating effects, every element contributed to an unforgettable celebration. The Venetian River Club served as the perfect backdrop, and the expertise of photographers Meg & Mike immortalized the day in stunning images. Congratulations to this incredible couple on a truly magical wedding day!

Jen and Billy were a delightful couple to work with during the planning phase leading up to their wedding day.  From our 2nd conversation, they had decided that they wanted our interactive video dance floor as a centerpiece for their guests.  We provided a battery-powered outdoor ceremony sound system for their nuptials, including an extra stand-mounted mic for their guitarist/singer.  The sky looked a little bit ominous, so the ceremony started just a few minutes early, just in case the sky began to fall.. Luckily no rain fell at all, allowing them to enjoy cigars at the outdoor lounge area a little later.  Their cocktail hour was in the bar area, followed by a reception inside the ballroom.  It was a perfect fit with room to move around and allowed for our giant LOVE letters and glowing columns, topped with moving lights.  The evening included a curated array of music they provided, plus a few extra requests thrown in as well.  The Hawaii-Five-O song went over with a splash!  Thanks for the idea!  Jen and Billy also ordered our dancing on the cloud effect for their first dance so the combination of our light up dance floor, spot lights and the dry-ice fog was amazing!  What a great time we had celebrating their wedding day!  The staff at the Venetion River Club was great too!  The facility is beautifully cared for and very photogenic.  Photographers Meg & Mike were there to capture every moment and provided their photobooth inside as well.  What a dream team and awesome couple!  Congrats Jen and Billy!