Bridal shower tips

How to select a wedding DJ at a bridal show

bridal show tips

Bridal show season is upon us.  Many Sundays January through the end of March offer multiple locations for engaged couples to peruse various vendors to get ideas and potentially get great deals.  Some shows even offer a chance to win grand prizes like honeymoons, catering services, diamond necklaces and more.  I’ve found that some people who attend wedding expos have just gotten engaged and really have no idea what to do next.  So here are a few tips:Entertainment. 

Walk around and look for ideas.  Talk with vendors who appear to be on par with your vision and quality level.  If you haven’t selected a date yet, make sure to give yourself enough time to plan or consider help from a wedding consultant.  Planning your wedding 6 to 18 months in advance gives you time to book major service providers such as the venue where you will get married, the reception site, DJ entertainment and more.

When it comes to DJ services, as well as many other vendor types, don’t put all your faith in the appearance of their vendor space.  There are many questions you will need answered before making a hiring decision such as whether they are available, their style and techniques to make your experience fun and perfectly tuned for your preferences, of course costs for their services will greatly vary and although that may also be a primary consideration, note that the lower the price, the less you typically get from a service provider.  That may mean that cheaper options will have less experience, lower quality equipment and in some cases, a less than stellar track record.

A vendor could charge more and still not give you better service.  Do you expect your wedding DJ to be great, good or even adequate?  They are priced differently for a reason.  Only you can decide what’s most important to you but make sure you don’t get fooled by clever and attractive marketing and displays.  Your wedding day experience depends heavily on the entertainment you select.  It’s not one of the decisions you should make on price alone.  For the top 8 questions you need to be asking entertainers.

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