Wedding Enhancement Options

Transform Ordinary to Extraordinary with These Added DJ/MC and Dance Floor Services.

Nearly Invisible Ceremony Audio Support

This ceremony sound system includes wireless, low-volume, battery-powered speakers (to avoid wiring that could otherwise be a tripping hazard), multiple wireless lapel microphones and if desired, a stand-mounted wireless microphone, feedback suppression, digital compression and limiter.

Additional wireless microphones: Handheld, headset or lapel (limited quantities)


Cocktail hour speaker system

Multiple speakers at a low volume playing a song list curated prior to your event, specifically for your tastes in music.  This is an ideal time to set the mood with appropriate tempo, genres and a mix of styles, that’s just right for your vibe.

Projected Monogram/Logo

Rent a gobo projectorProjected on the floor or a wall surface, a custom monogram is created specifically for you using your color scheme, choice of font and even design elements from your event invitation or program. There is no limit to the creativity. Some designs have included photographs, company logos and inspirational messages. Multi-color, high-intensity and even moving images can be provided.

Entryway Pillars with Video Screens and Search Lights

These Hollywood style search light pillars are designed to make an impact!  Topped with four search lights, these pillars contain vertical video screens , which can display your static graphics or moving videos, company logo, welcome message, congrats, etc.  They have been used at a wedding reception to provide guests with their table assignments.  Anything you desire can be displayed on the screens.

Glowing Columns Topped with Robo-Beam Lights

This “intelligent light” show is available with either 4 or 6 columns, arranged depending on the space. We cover them with either a matte white or sparkling silver glam treatment.  These can even be located in room corners.

Perimeter Wall Mood Uplighting 

This package enhances your reception/party from the instant guests walk into the room.  Choose your color and we’ll make it shine!  The venue’s lighting can be dramatically dimmed offering a much more pleasing atmosphere of splashes of pink, green, blue, orange, red etc. around the room, coordinated with your color scheme. While these photos show our “Static” uplighting and “Triple Beam” uplighting options, we also offer two other types: Motion and Wall Wash.

View many more uplighting photos within the gallery and on my Facebook page.

Dancing on the Clouds
Cold Sparkler Fountains
Vertical Fog Geysers
Confetti/Streamer Launch
First Dance Spotlights
Silver Sequin or Shear Curtain Backdrop
Aerial Laser Lighting
Giant LOVE Letters
Roman Pillars
Video Projection
Interactive Photo Share (Guests can upload and download images)
Interactive Video Dance Floor
Market/Courtyard String Lighting
Bubble Machine
Disco Mirror Ball
Prop Package (glow necklaces, rave sticks, hats, leis, etc.)
Gobo Projectors
Fog Effect