Videos on the website

I have realized that with all of the videography work I have been doing lately, I need a way to post samples of my work on my site.  My site offers short clips of this and that but the samples are pixelated when going full screen because of the compression that YouTube and Vimeo apply once I have uploaded the gigantic files.  An hour long video in high-def DVD format may be 2 to 3 gigabytes.  That’s way too big for them not to compress them.  So then people look around my site for samples and find videos to watch, inflate them to full screen and then they see pixels and even some jaggy movement depending on their connection speed… There has to be a way to showcase the quality of my videography work online.  Netflix HD videos look and sound great.  ??? I’m puzzled and am looking for suggestions.  Email me at if you have an idea.  Thanks.