Valencia Ballroom wedding DJ

I was honored to be a part of Chris and Laura’s wedding day. The reception took place at the Valencia Ballroom in York, PA with cocktails starting at 5:30 PM. The ballroom was set for around 200 guests and a large dancefloor in the middle of the arrangement.Glowing towers columns

The packages I had suggested for the couple were ideal for the space: an intelligent lighting system, glowing decor towers and decorative uplighting. The Valencia Ballroom is a beautiful facility with walls of dark wood-stained pillars and dreamy murals. The walls are mostly dark, with only narrow white vertical insets between pairs of columns, onto which uplighting can be added. This is one good reason to add the glowing decor columns. They are 10 and a half feet tall and internally illuminated. Chris and Laura liked the idea of them changing from color to color rather than being set to one color for the evening.

Before I had an opportunity to discuss the ambient lighting with the catering staff and once the introductions of the bridal party had concluded, the house lights were dimmed. I usually wait to ask for the lights to go down until it’s time for dancing. Fortunately, I had already programmed my intelligent lighting fixtures to spotlight the sweetheart table for the toast and as you can see from the photo, it would have been really hard to see the person giving the toast, without the spotlight.

This really added to the experience and the groom even commented to me later in the evening how impressed he was with the lighting and that the spotlight for the toast made him feel center stage.

Check out a video of all of the lights in motion within the video gallery. DJ without lights or DJ with lights, that is the question. Within this facility, or any room without windows, lighting can make a dramatic difference.