Top 5 Reasons you should add a photo slide show to your event

This topic is part of the planning process which I take couples through while planning out their wedding reception experience but this applies to parties and corporate events as well.

Equipment including photo slide show projector and screen Slide show projector screen Projection screen

Annual, milestone and once-in-a-lifetime events can all benefit from a photo montage during the experience.  Here’s the top five reasons why:

1) Not everyone in attendance knows what has been happening in the past year (or longer) and one or more of the images the guests see will connect personally to each of them, making them feel closer to the company, couple or individual in the photos.

2) Improve relationships by showing what you have in common.  If you’ve been to the Grand Canyon and show some photos of it, others who didn’t know you were there will now have that topic of conversation to discuss with you.  They may have been there too, may want to go there or maybe they also had trouble with a donkey at one point in their life.

3) Acknowledge important accomplishments and experiences.  This is somewhat ceremonial as we celebrate milestones and achievements.  Putting images of those moments on the screen provides evidence and accolade for reaching those points.

4) A slide show of 10 to 15 minutes provides an activity that adds to the event experience.  It turns guests’ attention to the screen and brings everyone to laugh, applaud and share in those moments together.

5) If done at the right time during an event, a slide show can allow those guests who need a break, need to finish eating or have a smoke break, to all get to the same point at the conclusion of the show, when the next activity (such as awards presentation or an honorary dance) can begin.

Most people create slide shows on a laptop and thus connecting to a projector, to share the images on a big screen, is easy.  To rent a projector and screen for your event, contact The Rhythm System at  We can also deliver, install and remove the equipment for you.