Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Party DJ

party Interviewing a vendor is one of the toughest tasks while planning a wedding/party, as you can’t judge the quality of their work by asking what they charge. This goes for choosing a party DJ from Harrisburg, too. Unless your relative or friend has recommended a DJ entertainer, you can’t just pick one randomly.

Whether you are a bride, groom, or anevent planner, these questions will help you hire the best party DJ in Harrisburg.

  1. How many hours are included in the package?

It will help you analyze if the service is worth your money or not. Ask about the number and duration of breaks taken by them. This question will let you know the backup plan during these breaks.

  1. What equipment do you use?

Make sure your DJ knows everything about connecting and operating a system. A renowned DJ ensures every word is heard clearly and nicely. Also, discuss the backup preparations and equipment used by the DJ, which includes mixer, microphone, and cords.

  1. What is included and what else is available?

Chances are that your DJ entertainer offers additional services like lighting, video screens, interactive floors, and videography services. You may find a vast difference between their basic service and one which includes enhancements. The attendees will love ‘club-like’ experience offered by intelligent lighting facility.

  1. How do you encourage the crowd to dance?

Some DJs encourage attendees verbally while others teach them latest moves. A lot of them focus on playing the songs that automatically motivate the crowd to shake a leg.

  1. How do you handle song requests?

This question will let you know how a DJ maintains a balance between the desire of guests and different situations of a party.

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