Planning an outdoor event requires some extra preparations

Over the past 25+ years, I’ve been involved with both indoor and outdoor events.  The outdoor events have proven to require just a bit more planning because there are some extra aspects that must be contemplated.

The weather can be nice or nasty.  Think about what affect rain, fog, moving water (runoff), soggy ground, cold, heat, snow, ice and even wind can do to your perfect plans.  Tent rental companies can typically help with heat, shade, cold and light precipitation but may not have ways to help with the tougher conditions that you might encounter.

I provided a sound system for a wedding reception being held at a customer’s home.  Prior to arrival, they had received around two inches of rainfall in a short time.  When I arrived, it was still raining and there was a natural waterfall over the tent entrance.  The water was 1/2″ deep under most of the tent.  The ground was covered and even electrical cables were laying in water.  The guests were going to have to park around 200 feet away from the tent and walk the rest of the way.  Fortunately there wasn’t too much wind and it wasn’t cold as well.  The property owner went to the local hardware store and bought up all the astro turf he could get and started putting it under the tent.  Of course, all the tables and chairs were already in place so it wasn’t an easy task.  A generator supplied electricity for the tent lighting to ensure guests would be able to see each other but the sound system required power as well.  Sides for the tent with anchors to hold down the walls were essential to preventing the vinyl walls from coming in and knocking over chairs and décor.  It appeared that they had also rented portable restrooms so all the guests didn’t have to use the one powder room inside their house.

Tent rental companies can usually also provide heaters, portable AC units, fans and many other items in case of uncooperative weather.  If you are planning an aspect of your event, such as a ceremony, to take place where a tent would ruin the aesthetic, make sure to have a backup location for your nuptials.

Although power outages don’t occur very often, just two weeks after I installed a battery backup system into my premium sound system, the circuit my equipment was plugged in to, lost power.  While music continued to play and entertain the guests, I had plenty of time to figure out a solution.  The toughest part of the situation was convincing the facility staff that I had lost power.

Be prepared for your event with contingency plans.  Click for more ways to prepare.  Let me know how I can help you.