Plan your party in space that’s the right size

Last weekend I provided the entertainment to help celebrate a 50th birthday party.  An event planner hired me, planned out all of the décor items, ordered the cup cakes and invitations.  He took care of sending out, receiving and noting who was coming and any regrets.  The birthday girl booked the hotel banquet room and although forty guests had RSVP’d that they were coming, 26 actually arrived to the party.  This isn’t too untypical but the hotel banquet room can easily seat 120 guests.  When set for 40 with only 26 showing up, the room was never even close to full and it was so obvious that there was still space for another 26 guests plus another 26 and then 40 more.  Those in attendance had fun but a better space for a group of this size might have been 30 x 30 ft.

When planning an event, it’s best to select a space that’s the right size for the expected group.  If the space is too big, arrange the contents such that the visual space is broken down into a smaller area.  It will be more cozy and people will warm up to participating in the activities faster.

Thanks to the Holiday Inn Grantville and MX2 Designs for a great party!