What you need to host a glow party

This article is intended to give you insight on planning your first glow theme party.

Glow parties can be a blast, but if you haven’t done this before, I have created some tips here to make your glow party more successful.

UV Black Lighting:  Ambient light is bad for the UV black lighting effect.  The darker the space, the more pop you will get from anything that is black light reactive.  If you are painting with glow paint (black-light reactive), consider putting white under the paint since white reflects light while black absorbs it.  Your painted objects will have a brighter reaction to the UV rays.

Consider the size of the area where your party will take place.  For every ~500 square feet, you should have an 80 watt black light fixture.  If you are near the Harrisburg, PA USA area, you can rent black light fixtures here: http://rhythmsystem.com/lighting-video-and-sound-equipment-rentals/. The fixtures should be up high and pointed horizontally toward the center of the space or toward anything you want to react to the UV rays.  As with visible lighting, I would install fixtures in opposite corners when using more than one.

Less ambient light in the room means people won’t be able to see food, drinks, spills on the floor, dropped candy, etc.  You need some ambient light.  I suggest adding some non-UV lighting fixtures (colored or white) to illuminate the food and drink area and maybe seating areas of the room.  I offer a variety of fixtures that can be used to decorate and illuminate specific areas that you may want to focus on.   Colored “uplights” can be set on the floor, near a wall and projected up the wall in your choice of color.  I also offer fixtures that are battery-powered, some of which can project a beam of abstract patterns onto a surface or table, from the ceiling if the venue has a drop ceiling (brackets or built-in magnet brackets allow them to be installed in unusual locations).

Decorations and Clothing: Make sure to advise guests that they are going to a black-light or glow party so that they can wear neon colors to the event.  Neo colored clothing will react to the UV rays and glow.  Decorate with anything neon-colored or make things yourself using UV-reactive paints.  Any hardware store will sell neon spray paints and possible brush-on paints as well.

Glowing Products:  Add glow sticks, glow necklaces, glow bracelets, LED blinking rings, blinking earrings, blinking necklaces, flashing batons, etc. that you can acquire from the local party supply store, online or thru me (when you also order other services).  These products do not react to UV-rays and rather produce their own illumination internally.  Glow necklaces, bracelets and sticks are one-time use products while LED products can be reused until the batteries are depleted.

Non-UV Lighting: Moving and sound-reactive lighting can be used to create movement and visual excitement.  These work at any party (glow theme or not) to create a festive atmosphere.  I offer many effect lights for rent.  Some do more complex movements and are more sophisticated while others can be plugged in and remain on for a longer period without any operator adjustments or control.  I suggest multiple fixtures but also keep in mind that to keep it visually interesting, you won’t want to just turn them all on and let the same thing happen for 3 hours.  Ideally, fixtures would be turned on and off every few minutes to keep a variety and ever-changing visual.  Effect lights that work particularly well in a glow party are those with low ambient light production such as a laser.  The beams of a laser fixture are very focused rather than illuminating an area.  Some fixtures can be set on a table, installed on a stand or placed on the floor.  Careful selection of the locations will yield better results.  Putting a laser projector on the floor, pointed at the ceiling is great, for example, until someone stands in front of it and the effect is now blocked by their leg.  If you need recommendations on which light fixtures work best at a glow party, just let me know and I will be glad to help.  You can find a variety of options for rental here:http://rhythmsystem.com/lighting-video-and-sound-equipment-rentals/