Master of Ceremonies

As a spokesperson for your event, I can ensure a smoothly running affair without puzzled guests awaiting information. My services can simply include being your spokesperson or it can be more extensive than that.

A live band includes performers who aren't afraid to use a microphone but, due to their focus on playing music, they will not likely be connected to any other aspect of the event's experience. Coordination and timing of an itinerary typically is not on the radar for the band members even though they will gladly start and stop music when told it's time.

A master of ceremonies should speak to the guests, introduce keynote speakers, coordinate with the catering staff and people responsible for the awards, presentation materials, handouts, work with the facility engineers, photographer, videographer, entertainment, sound technicians, etc.

Master of Ceremonies

Services can include:

• Master of Ceremonies (The face and voice conveying the flow of the event to the guests)

• Coordinator (Working with staff to ensure that the things and the people needed, are ready for upcoming cues)

• Sound and music (Perhaps more than a few 5 inch ceiling speakers will be needed to create a great experience)

• Interactive DJ entertainment (Teaching line dances to engage the audience)

• Lighting (for ambiance or effect)