Interactive Digital Dance Floor

Party like never before with a light show under your feet!  This dance floor displays still images, moving graphics, videos, scrolling text, custom logos and monograms and more.  It's available in 14 sizes perfect for groups of 25 to over 175 guests.  It doesn't need to be the only area available for dancing so if you have a group that needs more than 16.5' x 16.5', just keep open space around one or more sides of this high-tech digital dance floor.  Yes, it's an LED dance floor, but it's advanced in that it also responds to where your guests touch it.  It's 2.7" thick and comes with our full service: installation, operation and removal.  It can be ordered separately or in combination with DJ entertainment services.

Note the LightUpFloor logo.... This is my sub brand.  You can check out more details here: