Interactive Dance Floor Rental

Have you seen a LED light up video dance floor on TV?  This start-of-the-art disco floor actually interacts with you and your guests.  Displayed patterns move and change during your event and at the appropriate time.  The floor can appear to be off until just the right moment when it comes to life displaying a photograph, monogram, special message, logo or a color-changing pattern that the slightest touch can trigger.

Installed sizes and shapes can be configured between roughly 70 square feet and 270 square feet, appropriate for groups of 10 thru 150+ and it's perfect for any age group and any event where fun is desired.  The floor can be contracted separately from any other services that are offered here so that you can feel comfortable booking a band, DJ or any other entertainment for your event, and know that the dance floor will add to the atmosphere and fun!

WARNING: This interactive digital LED dance floor is awesome and contains negative calories.

Prices typically range from around $800 to $2800, however, promotions are happening all the time...  Like me on Facebook to keep up to date on the latest offers!  Delivery, installation, operation and removal is included in all LED dance floor rentals.  Need a bigger dance area?  That problem can be solved too.  Ask for details.

Need more details about the floor?  Find frequently asked questions and answers on my dedicated dance floor site: