Gypsy Weddings

Have you been to, seen or aspire to have a gypsy wedding? The dresses are big and over the top amazing! Here is one that lights up! These are dazzling celebrations that only top the most extravagant school, homecoming, prom, super sweet sixteen and quinceanera events.

Without a doubt, the creativity and size of these dresses will astound everyone.  The light up dress, in particular, lends itself well to booking a light up dance floor.  The guests can dance and party over a regular disco floor or, if you can find one, a video dance floor.  There are a few around and available Digital LED dance floorbut there’s one that even adds interactive functions.  That’s right here at  Gypsy wedding flair doesn’t have to be just for gypsies.  You too can have the excitement of the bold colors and flashy style and so can your guests, when they step onto the interactive dance floor.  Dance floor rentals from the Rhythm System are full service and everything except electricity is included.  Celebrate your quenceanera, super sweet sixteen, wedding or party on our light up video dance floor for an ultimate experience.  Call 717-540-8826 for availability.