Will you find the right entertainment by hiring the one that answers the phone first or the one that has the lowest price? Would you select someone just because they live in your hometown?

Here is a list of some of the most common questions and some others that you need to be asking DJs...

How much do you charge to DJ a ___?

The Rhythm System offers services at the expert level (with written guarantee) for simple and elaborate events. Our prices range from $450 to $2,500+

(Friday, Sunday and other days are discounted significantly as are Saturdays during certain months of the year)... Please call 717-540-8826 to find out what is available for your date.

How important is music to your event?

If your plans put music into a background role with few, if any, announcements and a low desire to have guests be entertained, then you can afford to spend less on a disc jockey. On the other hand, if the event is going to be a memorable lifetime occasion, selecting the right entertainer is critical.

If planning a wedding reception, bar/bat mitzvah or other life occasion, your entertainment may have a large responsibility and impact on the success of the event. For a class reunion, picnic, summer or birthday party, school dance or other semi-repeatable event, a less experienced disc jockey may be all that you need.

How much experience do you have providing services at a ___?

In our society, there is a wide range of styles of DJs available. Some are good at playing music at bars, others follow a script at a radio station and there are also DJs who are good at entertaining an audience at your type of event.

Since 1989, The Rhythm System has been focused on doing one thing really well: providing fun, interactive entertainment for our clients using a variety of musical genres, appropriate for the crowd and event.

I provide services to only one client per day and have focused efforts on weddings, corporate banquets, dances and parties for age groups 15 and older.

We are aware and concerned about each and every guest enjoying themselves and will work within our client's parameters and expectations to ensure that everyone has a great time. You can select from a variety of musical styles, interactive dances, activities, contests and traditional events that we will teach/lead. We are willing to entertain your guests, within your parameters, or provide a less interactive role, if desired.

What quality level of equipment do you provide (what does it look and sound like?

The Rhythm System will surely exceed your expectations in this category. Crisp, clear music at an appropriate volume is presented in an attractive installation.

No signs, no ugly wires, no messy clothes no indiscernible announcements nor headache-causing annoyances.

What are your backup plans regarding equipment problems or an illness?

If you will be relying on the DJ, don’t you want to know what their backup plans are just in case something goes wrong? Backup plans can range from a useless second pair of headphones to a complete range of preparations.

The Rhythm System offers lower-cost as well as premium services that come with preparations for over 30 scenarios including staffing, equipment, music, wardrobe issues and even physical well-being. Anything that happens along the way, we can likely handle it.

Are you just a DJ? Do you do any more than play music and make announcements?

Do you need an emcee at your event, a coordinator, dance instructor, an interactive crowd-motivator or a lighting designer/technician? Will the entertainer narrate your event, do stand up comedy or wear a chicken suit for laughs? What style of performance will they provide?

Our planning process is very thorough, especially for weddings. We want your event to be successful and that means that we need to know your preferences, ideas, goals and parameters. We’ll play the music, organize participants and professionals, ensure that everything that’s needed is in place before we introduce an event to the audience. We emcee the major activities and monitor the mood of the room and pace of the itinerary. We also offer to teach line dances and even organize games and contests, as desired.

Do you provide a written guarantee?

This really says something about a DJ’s quality, ethics, confidence in their services and willingness to ensure your satisfaction. No guarantee… that says a lot too. Most disc jockeys don’t provide even a verbal guarantee because they are afraid that their future customers may not be happy with their performance. Perhaps they have actually had unhappy customers in the past and know that providing a guarantee might mean that they will be obligated to provide a refund.

The Rhythm System offers packages with a written 200% money back guarantee. It’s easy for you to get a refund if you don’t get exactly what you want, expect and deserve for your event, based on the details you provide during the entertainment planning process. This guarantee is a very bold statement about the quality and satisfaction provided to customers. The Rhythm System has been around since 1989 and to date, not one customer has asked for a refund after their event.

How far do you travel?

I will typically travel up to two hours from our base location, which is currently the Tampa Bay, Florida area. A few dates are also available in the Harrisburg, PA area, in 2021.  For events farther away, the answer depends a bit on how far from my home office we are talking about and certain details about the event including the services desired. The farthest I have traveled so far to do an event was about a 16 hour drive. Considering I usually get about 10 miles per gallon hauling my gear and it may add a few more hours to my day, or even require an overnight stay, the event not only needs to be the right combination of packages/enhancements but I may have to include a travel expense surcharge to cover the extra expenses… I suspect that you would agree that this is only fair.

Typical cities/areas that I will travel to, for a rate that won't be increased for travel, are: Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Sarasota, Lakeland, Spring Hill, Winter Haven, Bradenton, etc.

What kind of events do you do?

Now that I have been in this business over 30 years (since 1989) and provided services to over 1,000 clients, I have decided to focus my efforts on the events that I enjoy the most and leave the other events to other DJs.

My interests are involvement with elaborate, fancy, sophisticated, upscale, fun, exciting and memorable wedding entertainment as well as an occasional adult party or corporate celebration where dancing is the main entertainment.

Can I come and see you at an event?

I provide a personalized service to clients having a private function. I won’t invite you to hang out at my client’s events in the same way that I wouldn’t feel comfortable having you stand in my home to watch over me for an hour of my personal time. I have a number of videos on my website and many more clips of events that I can show you, as desired, to reflect the type of services that I offer and which is appropriate for your consideration.

Years ago, before I offered videos, I had to allow people to visit me at venues to see if my performance was what they were looking for. I had no other evidence to provide. People stopped in, perhaps during dinner and watched guests eat for a few minutes and decided that they really wanted an interactive DJ instead…. Of course the timing was wrong for them to see that at the appropriate time, I was quite interactive with the audience. Each event is different and what works at one event may not work at another. If the client I was working for asked for the Electric Slide to be played but you don’t like that song, that would also probably not do well to impress you, should you be visiting during that dance. You get to select such details so that you get a personalized experience that’s just right for you.

How many songs do you have?

It doesn’t really matter. What really matters is that you receive the experience that you want. If that includes particular songs, we cover that during our planning process and even if those songs aren’t yet included within my library, I will make sure to acquire them before your event. Part of my personalized services includes the opportunity to identify particular songs (within reason) to be played.

I have performed for a few clients who decided to provide an exclusive play list from which I could select music to play. I even had one client who provided a list of music in the order it was to be played. If you are specific about the music to this level and do not want to benefit from my extensive experience of satisfying an audience, please allow me to suggest renting equipment to accomplish this. I don’t know what songs I will want to hear a day or week from now and find that the experience from your guests’ perspective is greatly diminished when they aren’t able to make requests for what they may be in the mood for, at the time.

When I perform for an audience, I don’t play requests in order. In fact, I don’t usually get to play all requests either. To not be able to play any requests or to be so limited that I have to constantly consult a list of approved (or prohibited) music, creates a situation that almost always limits the success of the event.

Where can I rent speakers and a microphone in the Harrisburg, PA area?

You can rent those items from The Rhythm System Pro DJ Entertainment. I also offer mixers, wireless mics and wired microphones, lighting equipment including moving and effect lights, fog machines, pin spots, par cans, intelligent lighting, black lights, rope light, strobe lights, laser effects, crank stands, video projectors, video screen, video camera, uplighting, flood lighting, spot lighting (not follow spots), flame and water effect projectors, media projectors, slide show projectors, DJ consoles, CD players, whole DJ systems, PA systems, public address systems, monitor speakers, stage monitors, bass cabinets, bass bins, sub-woofers, fashion show lighting, runway lights and a bubble machine.