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Nearly Invisible Ceremony sound: This ceremony sound system includes wireless, low-volume, battery-powered speakers (to avoid wiring that could otherwise be a tripping hazard), multiple wireless lapel microphones and if desired, a stand-mounted wireless microphone, feedback suppression, digital compression and limiter.

Additional wireless microphones: Handheld, headset or lapel (limited quantities)

Cocktail hour speaker system: Multiple speakers at a low volume playing a song list curated prior to your event, specifically for your tastes in music.

Projected Monogram/Logo

Projected on the floor or a wall surface, a custom monogram is created specifically for you using your color scheme, choice of font and even design elements from your event invitation or program. There is no limit to the creativity. Some designs have included photographs, company logos and inspirational messages. Multi-color, high-intensity and even moving images can be provided.

Entryway Pillars with Video Screens and Search Lights

These Hollywood style search light pillars are designed to make an impact! Topped with four search lights, these pillars contain vertical video screens , which can display your static graphics or moving videos, company logo, welcome message, congrats, etc. They have been used at a wedding reception to provide guests with their table assignments. Anything you desire can be displayed on the screens.

Intelligent Lighting System

The above video features a short clip of my intelligent lighting show. An average event can be so much better with just four fixtures while six makes an even bigger impact. The fixtures are mounted on contemporary glowing pillars that dazzle the senses with their own lighting sequences.

Perimeter Wall Mood Uplighting

This package sets your event apart by illuminating walls, from the floor up with splashes of color. The facility’s lighting can be turned off or dramatically dimmed offering a much more pleasing atmosphere of splashes of pink, green, blue, orange, red etc. around the room, coordinated with your color scheme. View many more uplighting photos within the gallery and on my Facebook page.

Additional Add-Ons

Aerial Laser Show

Lasers like these are much more effective in fog. In fact the fog particles are what make the beams visible, otherwise we would only see what the beams actually hit. I offer several laser projectors including on that projects seven colors and can project animations, logos and text in 3D.

Laser Logo Animations

This hybrid logo animation was created using a combination of technologies including a multi-color laser system that can trace graphic objects to create simple line art with various colors of laser beams.

This animation is one of hundreds of options as well as custom options including cartoons, company logos, count downs, aerial liquid sky effects, laser fireworks and so much more. I love playing with this and am even more excited when clients love it too!

Computer-controlled lasers can animate your company logo.

Bubble Machine

This machine really pumps out the bubbles. This option is popular during a bride and groom’s first dance and other ballads.

Bubbles can be made at various times throughout the event but must be done in moderation to avoid creating slippery dance floor. Cleanup is provided.

One client requested the bubbles to be floating by for the duration of their outdoor wedding ceremony.

Video Projector and Easy-Up Screen

This option is available to project your photo montage (aka slide show), visual presentation, active schedule of events, a movie or even live video. Screen sizes vary according to your needs. Projectors currently in stock include short and medium throw distances.

Confetti Launch

Properly kick off your event with a burst of confetti! The confetti and streamers are made of flame retardant paper and cleanup at the end of the event is included. White, patriotic, theme colors and multi-colored options available. Facilities that don’t allow confetti may allow a streamer launch.

Prop Souvenir Package

The size and content of this package is dependent on your event and can include neon glow necklaces & sombreros appropriate for the Macarena, inflatable guitars, saxophones and microphones, Hawaiian leis and beach comber hats great for a conga line, YMCA hats, Blues Brothers glasses, gangster hats and so much more!

Color Bar Lighting Package

The color bar lighting package is great for rooms or open spaces where fog/haze is not permitted or cannot be controlled. The package consists of 4 or 6 light bars (depending on the space) that can be set to change to the music, set to a single color or set to fade slowly from color to color. A demo video shows two installations and some of the possibilities for this visually exciting option.

Mirror Ball Package

A party classic for sure! This mirror ball package includes the mirror ball, motor, stand and two intensely white beams of light projected at the ball for a room full of movement.

Decorative Glowing Towers

I offer two types of decorative towers: contemporary and traditional. The contemporary towers are 2.5 feet round and 10.5 feet tall with internal illumination. The traditional columns are Roman style and are 8 feet tall. Either are lit a particular color or set to fade through the rainbow.

LOVE Letters

These four letters have even more meaning when they are BIG.  At 45″ tall, these letters can decorate your space with the color of your choice inside the cutout heart shapes.  They can also fade from color to color or react to sound.  As shown here, they span 8 feet but can be spread to cover up to 12 feet of space.

Interactive Video Dance Floor

This LED dance floor is interactive.  It responds to where you are by creating effects under your feet.  The floor also displays motion graphics, videos, photos, text, monograms and company logos.  Numerous sizes, up to 16.4′ x 16.4′, are available for your event and now it can even be installed under a tent.  A separate power circuit is recommended for sizes larger than 12 x 12.  This amazing floor will take your event beyond the next level of awesome!

Gobo Projectors

Many shapes are available, including custom logos or messages, to be projected anywhere you want special theatrical effect lighting. Some of the patterns available include moonlight thru the trees, wedding scrolls, floral designs, wedding rings, zebra striping, stars, etc.

Sequin Curtain

This silver sequin curtain can be installed up to 10′ tall and either 10 or 20′ wide. It looks even better with lighting pointed toward it from a distance.

Dancing on the Clouds Effect

Add this dry-ice effect that creates a rolling cloud. It uses CO2 and hot water to vaporize moisture that quickly disappears. The effect is beautiful and won’t set off any smoke sensors.

Triple Beam Uplights

The pictures shows 2 fixtures.  Up to 6 are available.  They can be controlled wirelessly to fade colors, do patterns or display a color that matches your theme.

Ultra Violet UV Glow Lighting

Glow parties need black light (UV light) and phosphorescent surfaces, textiles and paint to be fun!  Add black lighting to your space and have everyone wear neon colors.

Spot lights

Spot lights can be used to illuminate a dark area, focus people’s attention on a person who is speaking or perhaps add light to a floral arrangement to make the colors pop.  Use a spotlight to illuminate a chocolate fountain or drink bar, so that the house/ambient light can be lowered.

Spectrum LED, Derby-X LED, Raptor, Sapphire, Hemisphere, strobes, etc.

I offer over 100 lighting fixtures with multiple colorful moving beams to fill the dance floor and create a club atmosphere.

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This is a unique dance floor that will WOW your guests…  it’s an interactive LED dance floor and so much more: it can also display your custom monogram, message, logo, photo, video & more.


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Start by selecting my DJ entertainment and/or interactive dance floor service then add on options that complete your vision.

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