Electricity needed please

As unimportant as it seems to most, the concept of “the show must go on” is dependent on electricity.  No matter how fancy or simple the venue, no matter how much focus there is on the right food, flowers or decorations, almost every event depends on consistent power.  Over the last few months I have provided services at a number of different facilities and was so glad to have my battery back unit installed within my sound system console.

At two locations, the circuit breaker popped during the event.  One was during a bride and groom’s first dance as a couple!  Fortunately, my sound system continued to play their first dance song while I calmly located the facility contact and asked them to reset the circuit breaker.  You never can be sure when or at what facility a circuit breaker might be tripped and it’s so much better to be prepared, than to have to react in a panic to get power restored.

At a wedding ceremony I attended at Ski Roundtop, the DJ who provided the sound system used a gas-powered generator to supply electricity.  This was quite distracting from the otherwise peaceful ceremony that was taking place only 50 feet away.  Granted he did position his automobile between his DJ system and the generator but that really wasn’t effective.

For a ceremony location where there isn’t power available, I suggest a completely battery-powered sound system or one run off of an inverter attached to a car battery (but not a car battery attached to a car).  I offer a battery-powered ceremony sound system that is also completely wireless, which means there are no power cords or speaker wires to trip over, anywhere.  Visit http://rhythmsystem.com/ceremony-sound-services/ for more information.