Dancing on the Clouds

By now you’ve probably seen this magical effect at a wedding, party or perhaps even in a theatrical production.  The “dancing on the clouds” effect uses dry-ice (carbon dioxide) with water to vaporize moisture into a low, floor-hugging effect.  Unlike machines commonly known as fog, smoke or haze generators, a dry-ice machine produces a cloud that will never raise up to the ceiling and falsely trigger smoke alarms.  The effect is a billowy cloud that dissipates quickly.  It’s ideal for a bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife, creative entrances and even Halloween effects.

I’ve seen many images and videos online where dry-ice machines were used to produce a think three foot thick cloud that almost reaches people’s waists.  I personally think that a lower effect is ideal for most situations… enough to create the effect but not too much to cover up people or decorations.  Fortunately the amount of the effect generated is adjustable.  The down-side is only that the supplies (machine and the frozen carbon dioxide) is somewhat costly.

As I am now offering this effect, I will post videos and photos from events so that you can see how this can enhance your plans.  Look for the latest images and videos on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/harrisburgdj.  Here is an example (from one of Ontario’s best DJs: http://www.musicmandj.ca/) of what it might look like for a bride and groom’s first dance:

Dancing on the clouds dry-ice effect