Dance floor for your party celebration

If you are planning an event to include dancing, you’ll need a space where people can get down.  Depending on the location of your event, that may mean a gravel, wood, carpet, stone, concrete, tile or … perhaps a plastic or glass surface.  Light up dance floors have a plastic or glass top surface and have been around for many years.  Until recently however, they only came in varieties with large square or triangular shapes that illuminate with basic colors such as white, red, blue, yellow, green and purple.  Although each tile might change color and the whole floor’s color scheme might be choreographed to make patterns, that style of floor has remained largely static for 30 years with the only change really being that instead of being illuminated with incandescent bulbs, now they are lit with LEDs.

The latest technology in LED dance floors adds video and interactive capabilities to your event entertainment.  Not that you would probably want to dance on your TV screen but now it’s possible and really neat to see such a huge screen under your feet.  The latest technology includes sensors built in to the floor that can also cause a reaction to the light show according to where people are on the surface.  This style of light up dance floor creates a whole new reason to get on the floor and become part of the party.

If you’ve seen disco floors and thought you might want one for your event, check out photos and videos of the interactive light up floor to see if the latest advances in LED dance floors is right for your event.  This light up floor can even display company logos, messages, monograms, photos and custom graphics, static or moving.  Disco floors have evolved into video dance floors that interact with your feet.