Company logo projected using ILDA laser system

Corporate logo in laser light I provided services at an event where HP had sponsored the evening’s festivities.  In their honor, I created and projected their logo using a blue laser.  The logo twinkled on the rock wall of the Lancaster Marriott Hotel and convention center.To keep it interesting, I also added some animation to the logo, causing it to flip and roll in 3 dimensions.It caught a lot of attention as people snapped photos and videos of the logo throughout the evening.Projected laser logos are a great way to stand out and draw attention to your logo.  This can be done in a trade show convention center, on a floor, wall or ceiling as well as on a rough or textured surface.

Simple logos work best but company names can work too.  Images with high contrast or simple line art is best for use with a laser, however, a combination of a gobo and laser would make a more complex logo or message really pop.  See for more ideas.