Add a slide show to your event with these tips

Weddings, corporate events, sweet 16 parties, bar mitzvahs, retirement parties and even class reunions can benefit from these tips to help make your event slide show perfect.  First, there are two ways to present your show: 1) in a continuous loop without music or narration while guests participate in other activities throughout the event;  2) as a one time, once-through presentation with music and perhaps narration.

Additional tips: As a continuously repeating presentation, make sure to place the viewing equipment in a location that is accessible and viewable by many people at once so that it can be part of the social aspect of your event.  A large screen (such as a 40 – 60″ tv) is ideal for this scenario.  If building your presentation within a computer program such as Powerpoint, make sure to set the repeat option on the show settings.

A slide show presentation as an event should be no longer than around 10 – 12 minutes.  After that, unless the subject matter changes significantly, people will begin to lose interest and the impact will be lost.  Each picture should be set to be visible for 4 to 8 seconds depending on content.  The simpler the photo, the shorter it can be displayed.  If showing a picture of a group of people or it is hard to determine what the picture is depicting, a longer display time should be considered.

Transitions can be mixed up rather than be simple wipes, fades or cuts, however, some transitions will take time away from the photos and should be considered carefully.  It may make sense to organize your photos in chronologic order or as a story of progression.  Preparing and choosing your photos is also very important.  The higher the quality, the better.  Most programs allow you to adjust the contrast, brightness, gamma and cropping.  These are important for a quality presentation as is starting with a master (default) slide that’s black or dark in color for those photos that are vertical/portrait where there will be empty space to the sides of a photo.

Choose the proper equipment for your presentation and set it up in an appropriate place.  If using a projector, make sure it is bright enough for the group and amount of ambient light that will be in the space where it will be presented.  Set up the equipment so that the image fills the screen. Use the keystone correction features of the equipment to ensure a rectangular image is projected and remember to make the projector table/location look nice… Nobody likes to see a mess of wires on an AV cart.

If your presentation is in the Harrisburg, PA area and you need to rent an adequate projector and screen or would like to include a presentation within an evening where I will be providing entertainment, videography or my digital dance floor, just let me know and the equipment can be provided.  Daily rentals are an affordable way to get the right equipment for the job.  See for more details.