A different Sweet 16 party, bat mitzvah or corporate event

Dance floor that's interactive to dancers

Dance floor that’s interactive to dancers

Are they all alike?  Let’s hope not!  Now you can have the most amazing experience for your bat mitzvah, corporate party or sweet 16 party with the addition of an interactive digital dance floor.  This LED dance floor is light years ahead of the 70’s style disco stage where each panel turns on and off… This floor reacts to dancer’s location as is displays moving patterns.  The floor can display solid colors or remain “dormant” until just the right time for your event kick off.  The LEDs draws very little power as they display what the computer (and operator) program into it, including custom monograms, a photo of the guest of honor or perhaps a corporate logo.  The floor is great for weddings too as it can provide a centerpiece for your dance area.  The interactive feature can be adjusted or turned off, videos can be displayed (although it’s best not to have dancers on the floor if you really want to see the video) and the possibilities include a photo of the bride and groom.  What fun!

Sweet 16 parties in the Harrisburg, PA area will never be the same again.  No worries… the floor is portable and will come to your event outside of Harrisburg too.  Visit http://rhythmsystem.com/interactive-digital-dance-floor/ for more details.