3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding DJ

A lot of things will help to DJ entertainmentset the tone at your wedding, and one of the biggest elements will be the DJ. Even if you personally choose all the music that will be played at your wedding ceremonies and reception, the DJ will have their own style and personality that will also have an impact on the tone of the gathering, meaning you’ll want to be absolutely sure about your choice of DJ well before the big day. Here are some tips from your friends at Rhythm System on choosing the right DJ for you.

What Is Their Portfolio Like?

As you’re looking at DJs, you should favor those who are well-rounded. Having experience with the type of event you are planning will make a difference… A sweet sixteen party or high school dance will require a different collection of music than a wedding reception or corporate event.  Just like a band is good at playing a particular style of music, DJs can also be specialized and really good at a particular type of event.  Don’t hesitate to ask them about the types of music they are well versed in and can play for you.

How Do They Personalize The Experience?

Like we mentioned, even if you choose the entire song list, any DJ you choose will have their own way of blending the music, introducing it and putting their own spin on the tone and pace. Now, if you’re comfortable with a DJ, you can allow them to pull together the playlist themselves, naturally including selections of your own. It’s one more thing you won’t have to worry about if you let them help.

How Do They Move The Crowd?

Part of the DJ’s role is manage the energy of the activity, and most importantly to get people out of their chairs and onto the dance floor. So ask them about what strategies they use to encourage participation, and make sure that those methods jive with the tone you have in mind for your special day.

Establishing these few baselines with a DJ will ensure that you get someone who will understand how to energize your wedding celebration and add even more special memories to an already unforgettable day. Whatever your needs may be, know that Rhythm System has you covered. For more information about the services we offer, or for any questions, just visit us online or contact us any time!