Professional Videographer Hershey, Harrisburg, PA



A record of your event can be captured in many forms. One way is to hope that several people with cell phones share their not-so-shaky video segments with you sometime after the event. Some people use Flip or other hand-sized recording devices for an 'acceptable' rendering of the events as they unfold. Typically what happens though is the people recording what's happening are using a consumer-grade and possibly even cheap device that's not considered by others, as your official recorder of the event. By this I mean that other guests will unintentionally walk in front of them, they will move around and bounce the camera about, trying to get a decent shot of the action while avoiding interference with other guests' view of what's happening.

An official professional videographer will use much higher quality equipment to capture a color-rich video stream that is typically acquired from a stable location, which is respected by the guests. The quality of the recorded image and the post-event editing go way beyond shadowed silhouettes and grainy video footage of your event.

You could hire a company to do a full production-grade service that would result in a theatre-ready video, rely on friends that might be able to capture something for you or you can hire someone to provide a service somewhere in between these extremes.

For wedding videography services, I will begin recording at the ceremony and continue through the traditional festivities to capture the precious moments and essence of the entire experience from a guests' perspective. This is captured using a professional video camera with low light capabilities that are actually better than the human eye. After a few weeks of editing, you will receive an invitation to the exclusive debut screening of your wedding day and an edited movie with around a 1 hour story of your day- a perfect length to relive on your wedding anniversaries to come.

Videography for other events will provide a similar recap of the key moments plus a bit of the overall feel of the event for posterity and review as often as you like, in whatever quantity of movies is useful to you or your group.

Please schedule a visit to view segments of our hour-long movies that have been produced for other clients.