Concert lighting

High school orchestra concerts don’t have to be illuminated by boring white stage lighting.  Most schools don’t have sophisticated lighting systems to add visuals to their concerts within their auditorium.  This was a special concert at Spring Grove High School wherein a national artist was brought in to mentor students for a few days then perform with them…

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Best DJ in York, PA

How would someone rate a mobile party DJ as the best DJ in York PA?  Is there an authority on this topic?  I don’t think so.  Just because someone hired or attended someone’s party and enjoyed the entertainment provided by a party DJ, they haven’t likely experienced many other entertainment providers to compare.  Even if…

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Harrisburg DJ entertainment provided for a gala event

I was privileged to be asked to provide Harrisburg DJ entertainment for a gala event at the Central Hotel in Harrisburg.  Although the budget was small and didn’t include lighting, I provided it anyway… What a difference even a few light fixtures make to any event!  Well, I wanted to see how these new triple…

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3 Tips For Choosing A Wedding DJ

A lot of things will help to set the tone at your wedding, and one of the biggest elements will be the DJ. Even if you personally choose all the music that will be played at your wedding ceremonies and reception, the DJ will have their own style and personality that will also have an…

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Latest Trends in Wedding Music

Video Dance Floor

Choosing wedding music used to be mainly about hiring a band or a wedding DJ. But, with the changing times, couples want to make the music more personal. Through this blog post, we discuss some latest music trends in the marriages. Collaboration of bands and DJs DJs and live bands have always been considered rivals…

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The Basics of Navigating Same Sex Weddings

I asked my friend David Cole Snook at Mx2 Event Design to guest blog about the differences between opposite-sex and same-sex weddings.  The article he produced provides a solid foundation to assist vendors in the ins and outs of working with these couples.  Here is his great advice on the topic: Many wedding professionals across the state and…

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Why is Music So Important During Wedding Celebrations?


Did you know that the entertainment is the thing that around 81 percent of guests remember the most after a wedding? Well, this is what a survey report published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine stated. Here we have tried to decode why music is so important during wedding celebrations. Guests mingle with each…

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Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Party DJ

party dj

Interviewing a vendor is one of the toughest tasks while planning a wedding/party, as you can’t judge the quality of their work by asking what they charge. This goes for choosing a party DJ from Harrisburg, too. Unless your relative or friend has recommended a DJ entertainer, you can’t just pick one randomly. Whether you…

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